How does this work?   
    • Just like the large retail stores but half the price. You simply give us your empty cylinder and we give you a full one. You can either choose to pick-up locally or get it delivered to your door (check delivery availability). We also sell flavours, machines, and extra cylinders!

    Where can I purchase cylinders?

    • We have pick-up locations in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Yorkton, Emma Lake, and Niagara. Please visit our Authorized Retailers page for more information. 

    How much are the exchanges?

    • Depending on location, our cylinders range in price from $9.99 - $11.99.

    Can I buy a cylinder without exchanging an empty?

    • We sell brand new Drinkmate cylinders for $29.99 plus tax. You can also find extra new cylinders at our Authorized Retailers for $32.99

    Will your cylinders fit my Sodastream machine?

    • Yes, our cylinders are compatible with all threaded twist valve type soda machines. If your cylinder in your machine twists in, you can order from us. If you have any issues, return it for a complete refund as part of our SODAsfaction guarantee

   When will you be delivering to my area?

    • EVERY Wednesday in Saskatoon 
    • EVERY Thursday in Regina
    • FIRST THURSDAY of the month in Martensville and Warman
    • EVERY Wednesday in Edmonton
    • EVERY Wednesday in Niagara 
    • EVERY Wednesday in Penticton
    • We cannot ship cylinders to provinces outside our delivery locations. If you are interested in growing cylinder distribution in your area, be sure to reach out. 

    Do you sell the machines?

    • Yes, we have partnered with Drinkmate. These machines are game changers!

    Do you sell the flavour syrups?

    • Currently we offer flavour drops. This will make the same refreshing taste as "Bubly" or "Perrier" flavoured options. Each container will make about 20-30 litres!

    Do you fill other tanks with CO2 gas?

    • We offer 5lb tank exchanges in Saskatoon only. Stay tuned as other locations may be offering this soon.

    How can your price be so cheap?

    • We cut out the delivery. Large soda maker companies send their cylinders from retailers like Walmart, London Drugs, and Canadian Tire all the way to Ontario. They fill the cylinders at a warehouse and ship them back. As the consumer, you are paying for the cost to ship the cylinders across country. With Seamless Soda you not only support local business owners, but you help stop unnecessary emissions as well.

    How do I pay?

    • Seamless Soda accepts all major credit cards, e-transfer, gift cards, or cash. 

    Do you use food grade CO2?

    • Our locally sourced CO2 is all food grade and guaranteed safe for consumption. 

    My cylinder is not working, what do I do?

    • Make sure the cylinder is twisted tight into the machine. If the cylinder releases gas when twisted in, please remove cylinder. Contact the location where cylinder was purchased. If all else fails, give us a call/text at (306) 400-6445.

    Do you take extra empty cylinders?

    • Not only do we take them, we will give you a $10 gift card for each one

    Do I need to be home for delivery?

    • No! That is the best part. You simply leave your empty on your step or in your mailbox and we will come by and replace it with a full one. We are like a modern day Milk Man!

    Do you have social media?

    • Yes, you can find us on Facebook (S. Soda Saskatchewan & Seamless Soda Niagara), Instagram & Twitter (Seamless Soda & SeamlessSodaNiagara).

    Why should I get Drinkmate instead of Sodastream?

    • Drinkmate machines can carbonate anything! Sodastream machines only carbonate water. You get more bang for your buck with Drinkmate machines

    Where can I see a Drinkmate in action?

    • Be sure to check out one of our Authorized Retailers for a demo. You can also search Drinkmate on YouTube for a ton of awesome review videos.

    Can my Drinkmate use Sodastream cylinders?

    • Yes.

    Can my Drinkmate use my Sodastream plastic bottles?

    • No. If you are in need of more bottles, we sell extra bottles.

    What kind of warranty does Drinkmate have?

    • Drinkmate offers the same warranty as Sodastream. 2-years manufacturer warranty.

    Can I exchange my Seamless Soda cylinder at other retail stores.

    • Yes. Simply remove our label and take it into your nearest Sodastream exchange location. Drinkmate cylinders will not be able to be exchanged at other retail locations. Drinkmate cylinders will have to be exchanged with us or directly with Drinkmate. If you plan on leaving our service, let us know and we will trade you for a Sodastream one for free!

    My email didn't arrive?

    • Due to some privacy/security settings, there is a chance that your email could have gone to spam. Be sure to check spam and if there is nothing, reach out to us at (306) 400-6445