Our mission:

To provide customers with affordable soda options so we can reduce the use of single use plastics in our country. By offering healthier soda options, we can contribute to Canadians living a healthier lifestyle and drinking more water.

About Us:

We are locally owned and operated throughout Canada. Each time you order from Seamless Soda or visit an Authorized Retailer you are supporting a local person in your community.

We are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and protecting our Earth which made us fall in love with home soda makers. After learning about the process that large soda maker companies use to retail their cylinders, we were astounded. The needless shipping of cylinders is not only harmful to our environment, it drives up costs to the customer. By eliminating the shipping of soda cylinders and filling cylinders locally, we are able to bring extreme savings to our customers. 

Customer service is extremely important to us. Aside from providing you affordable soda, our company values each one of our customers. Our promise is to treat each customer like you were our first. Backed by our SODAsfaction guarantee, if there are any issues with your order, we will be happy to make it right.